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Lacking intelligence or wit; foolish.

wit′less·ly adv.
wit′less·ness n.


n (= stupidity)Dummheit f, → Blödheit f (inf)
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The Leader of the Islamic Revolution pointed to the inappropriate and completely fabricated statements US President Donald Trump has made, out of desperation, at United Nations General Assembly, to which he rebutted, "These statements do not stem from a sense of power; rather, they arose from anger, desperation, and witlessness.
But this stream of vomit and poo gags is delivered with such witlessness that they start to resemble a form of torture.
For instance, while Hale, like Coke, did not allow "induced witlessness," (that is, drunkenness) to excuse, he did carve out an exception for cases when heavy drinking caused "an habitual or fixed phrenzy.
This is true, but the movie also raises, in its revelatory, postapocalyptic witlessness, specifically textual questions that remind us of the ontological struggles we saw at the beginning of this paper, when actors tried to transform the words of public, political texts into the materials of dramatic performance.
A lack of intelligence on the field was a clear problem for Newcastle during a second half when they allowed QPR to creep back into the game, and Gutierrez admits there was a witlessness about United during that second period.
But the artist, who knows what the tools are for, laughs at this witlessness, pays no regard to fatuous words, and continues to use his workshop as before.
Comedy, as he writes, depends on contrasts between knowledge and ignorance, wit and witlessness, rhetorical skill and ineptitude.
Such sheer political witlessness as they unerringly display could forever cost them the BME vote along with those of other core constituencies on which they have long relied for their survival.
The pathetic is achieved when the protagonist is, by virtue of his witlessness, his insensitivity or the very air he gives off, incapable of grappling with a much superior force.
Viewers who have endured his smug witlessness on Let's Dance For Comic Relief know how wrong he is.
Noir, We're all in this together, mates, Concorporeal, a mousy ovum In every dermatoplast, each in each One's own solitary cell, sentenced Sans paroles, moot, wordless, Up in a cloud of witlessness, Caught, all altogether now, now Recklessly redeemed, unclocked, Insecure in our unknowing yet Knock, knock, knocking, God Sped to where we're going, Never slowing, nowhere fast, fit And fettled, I knows what I knows, In indissoluble solation, toutefois, Nevertheless, however, doch, Ich das noch nicht sagen kann, You got that, that what all this has Been about, to speak that which Is unparseable, to parse that which Is unspeakable, with ineluctable Acceptance of things that go And then don't go, that come But do not stay, you say it For me, ja, oui, Mr.
I neither know nor care right now who coined the phrase about the Wit of Man, but in these circumstances the terms Wit-less or witlessness of Man would be more appropriate.