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1. One who aspires to wittiness.
2. One who has little wit.


archaic a person who thinks himself or herself witty


(ˈwɪt lɪŋ)

a person who affects wit; a would-be wit.
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One who is obnoxiously self-assertive and arrogant:
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Perhaps as never before there is a gigantic difference between consumers, divided between those who have money and are witling to spend it and those who do not have the resources and cannot spend what they do not have.
One area in which FIO demonstrates it could be witling to overstep its responsibilities is regarding implementation of the National.
laid himself open to the despicable waggery of some witling.
CLF is one of the few organizations in Vermont that is witling to stand by its position that clean water is not discretionary and hold polluters accountable.
You can imagine that little trail of pilgrims plodding purposefully towards Canterbury wiling away the tedious hours of creaking saddles and horsey smells with tales of individuals with nicknames like smellsmock and witling.
As Witling in The Refusal (1721) buys stocks and shares, the structure of modern capitalism quivers to its foundations.
This one, "The Witlings," is a satire on 18th century English life.
Describing The Witlings as a 'cruel Caliban's mirror' Saggini echoes recent appraisals of this play as a savage indictment of literary high society (p.
We were witlings, untraveled in words, and like the ignorant everywhere, located the fault in what baffled us rather than in the puny scope of our own learning.