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Having wit or intellectual comprehension. Often used in combination: keen-witted; dull-witted.

wit′ted·ness n.


(ˈwɪt ɪd)

having wit or wits (usu. used in combination): quick-witted; dull-witted.
wit′ted•ness, n.
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The wonderful mix of the granny who can knock out a fart that would have an elephant on its back combined with a keen sharpnothing wittedness born out of a lifetime of knocks could only have been written by someone with a much loved and respected older relative.
Through the show, host Vinay Anand will narrate to viewers, various stories of impending crime, bravery and quick wittedness.
68) They could associate Whiteness with beauty, intelligence and industriousness--therefore wealth, and dull wittedness and Laziness with Blackness--hence poverty.
These questions may tell you something about his quick wittedness or ability to think on his feet, but may not relate to job criteria (unless he's going to be selling pencils).
Eventually, by combining Linda's self-acceptance with his own intelligence, quit wittedness, and creativity, Lenny fills the role of mythic hero by freeing Linda from her pimp and enabling her to create a more fulfilling life for herself.
Throughout her history', Turnbull writes, 'she was saved by the intelligent and vigorous exploitation of opportunity and by a constant need for delicate balancing and quick wittedness, which continued to serve her well in modern times' (p.
The issue I want to address is this: Euthyphro's repeated confessions of confusion at 10A and elsewhere can easily be read as testimony to Euthyphro's dull wittedness alone.
With Precious Ramotswe's infamous quick wittedness and infallible instincts, the audience are once again embroiled in the murky world of scandals and misdeeds that come to pass for life in this part of Botswana, South Africa.
Playing on Boukee's dim wittedness and his greed, he says, "Oh, Ber, dem people gone hum to cook some for me and I .
2]), skin wittedness and convective and evaporative heat exchange from the respiratory tract ([Q.
It is specific to correcting Phlematic imbalances involving brain fog, or slow wittedness.
The Irish traits of quick wittedness, a hot temper and an aggressive love of fighting are his by birthright," wrote Ward, who obviously wasn't too concerned about perpetuating ethnic stereotypes.