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woke 1

A past tense of wake1. See Usage Note at wake1.

woke 2

adj. Slang
Aware of the injustice of the social system in which one lives: "The phenomenon of being woke is a cultural push to challenge problematic norms, systemic injustices and the overall status quo through complete awareness" (Raven Cras).

[African-American Vernacular English, past participle of wake, to wake; see wake1.]
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a past tense of wake1
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v. waked woke, waked wok•en, wak•ing, v.i.
1. to become roused from sleep; awake; awaken; waken (often fol. by up).
2. to become roused from a tranquil or inactive state; awake: to wake from one's daydreams.
3. to become cognizant or aware of something; awaken: to wake to the situation.
4. to be or continue to be awake.
5. to hold a wake over a corpse.
6. to keep watch or vigil.
7. to rouse from sleep; awaken (often fol. by up).
8. to rouse from lethargy, apathy, etc. (often fol. by up): It woke us up to the need for conservation.
9. to hold a wake for.
10. to keep watch or vigil over.
11. a watch kept, esp. for some solemn purpose.
12. a watch or vigil by the body of a dead person before burial.
13. a local annual festival in England, formerly to honor the patron saint.
14. the state of being awake: between sleep and wake.
[before 900; Middle English: to be awake, Old English wacian, c. Old Frisian wakia, Old Saxon wakōn, Old Norse vaka, Gothic wakan; compare awake]



1. the track of waves left by a ship or boat moving through the water.
2. the path or course of anything that has passed or preceded: The tornado left ruin in its wake.
[1540–50; < Middle Low German, Dutch wake, or Old Norse vǫk hole in the ice]
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pret de wake
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References in classic literature ?
Presently, however, he fell asleep, and when he woke it was past midnight.
It woke Harris, and I was glad of it until I found he was not angry; then I was sorry.
Every time I dropped off for the moment, a new noise woke me.
While he hammered away at his metals the Dog slept; but when, on the other hand, he went to dinner and began to eat, the Dog woke up and wagged his tail, as if he would ask for a share of his meal.
At nine o'clock the countess woke up, and Matrena Timofeevna, who had been her lady's maid before her marriage and now performed a sort of chief gendarme's duty for her, came to say that Madame Schoss was much offended and the young ladies' summer dresses could not be left behind.
Arriving finally at Miss Leonard's hotel, he woke her up and saw her in at the door; then, telling the man to drive to the lodgings of his new friend, he urged his mind to rapid thought.
He had worked on Bill's feelings so successfully as to elicit a loan of a million dollars, and was just proceeding to marry him to Elizabeth, when the cab stopped with the sudden sharpness peculiar to New York cabs, and he woke up, to find himself at his destination.
If I hadn't woke you, you'd have lain there for the whole fortnight."
Often when she woke Jo found Beth reading in her well-worn little book, heard her singing softly, to beguile the sleepless night, or saw her lean her face upon her hands, while slow tears dropped through the transparent fingers, and Jo would lie watching her with thoughts too deep for tears, feeling that Beth, in her simple, unselfish way, was trying to wean herself from the dear old life, and fit herself for the life to come, by sacred words of comfort, quiet prayers, and the music she loved so well.
Lucy slept till I woke her and seemed not to have even changed her side.