wolf fish

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Noun1.wolf fish - large ferocious northern deep-sea food fishes with strong teeth and no pelvic fins
blennioid, blennioid fish - elongated mostly scaleless marine fishes with large pectoral fins and reduced pelvic fins
Anarhichas, genus Anarhichas - type genus of the Anarhichadidae
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Evans took the best cod at 64lb, with Spiers taking halibut to 27lb, cod to 21lb and a monster wolf fish of 27.
There you'll meet amazing invertebrates in the No Bone Zone, see the wolf fish lair, and creep through the Seven Sisters shipwreck.
35] and the wolf fish Anarhichas minor Olafsen [20], also showed an extended period of sperm movement in the presence of OF, with motility lasting for 2 h in the bullhead and 48 h in the wolf fish.
On recent offshore party boat trips, several big wolf fish averaging about 30 pounds were landed, too.
WITH its bulging eyes, prominent fangs and thick, tapering, eel-like body, the Wolf fish is a fearsome looking beast.
EYE, EYE Atlantic wolf fish off Berwickshire, a hermit crab in Loch Long and a tompot blenny off Dorset UP CLOSE A male cuttlefish guards his egg-laying mate in Devon and a grey seal is captured on camera in the Bristol Channel PASSION Alex Mustard in Loch Duich in Wester Ross
JOHN Trimble has caught a wolf fish while boat fishing off Hartlepool.
Pictures from Newsweek, on sale now 70% Of first-born wild dolphin calves in Florida die before their first birthday because of toxic chemicals passed on to them by their mothers SHRIMP trawlers probably kill more marine life in a day in the Gulf of Mexico than the Deepwater Horizon oil spill did in months 95% Reduction in the UK's populations of big fish such as halibut, ling, wolf fish, common skate, angel shark and bluefin tuna over past 120 years THE UK bottom-trawl fleet lands only half the fish today that it did when records began in 1889, despite a massive increase in fishing power
Discover the new Wolf Fish Lair and see British marine life close-up as you've never seen it before.
DECEMBER 22 - 23: Santa will be diving in his red suit as he goes underwater to feed haddock, wolf fish, conger eels and other fishy residents of Macduff Marine Aquarium in Aberdeenshire.