wolf pup

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Noun1.wolf pup - a young wolf
young mammal - any immature mammal
wolf - any of various predatory carnivorous canine mammals of North America and Eurasia that usually hunt in packs
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In trying to keep the weight down, I mounted the rifle with a 4x24mm Wolf Pup scope by Gru-Bee, Inc.
The idea that it began with a hunter-gatherer picking up a wolf pup and breeding tamer and tamer offspring is probably too simple, according to Greger Larson, a genetics expert in Oxford's archaeology department.
When Kieran rescues a wolf pup and meets Saint Patrick, his choices become even more difficult.
In like manner, the two encounter an accordion playing raccoon, a fiddle playing rabbit, and last of all, a determined wolf pup who struggled to find an instrument to fit his talents.
Coincidentally, Asher's 10-year-old sister Meira voiced a wolf pup in the first Hotel Transylvania, and is back providing additional voices as wolf pups and kid monsters in the vampire camp in Hotel Transylvania 2.
It seems most likely that the practice started with humans taking in a wolf pup or two and, over time, establishing more effective communication with the less fearful and aggressive pups.
So, to fill this need, Wolf Run Village established Wolf Pup Daycare center, a facility with enough capacity to care for nearly 200 children, ages 6 weeks to 12 years old.
But with a wolf pup, achieving even close to the same fear reduction requires 24-hour contact starting before age three weeks, and even then you won't get the same attachment or lack of fear," she added.
The fact that not a single wolf pup or active den was reported suggests that fecundity rates were low.
The ending is left unresolved (to be continued in books two and three of The Faelin Chronicles) as Diello, Cynthe, a talking wolf pup named Vassou, and a half-goblin "simpleton" set off on a journey to right some old wrongs.
In "The Games of Night," a boy, bitten by a hummingbird and a wolf pup, begins to display alarming and insatiable appetites.
Olliff said that in recent years a seasonAAEs entire wolf pup production was lost to canine distemper or parvo.