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1. Of or relating to wolves.
a. Suggestive of or resembling a wolf.
b. Fierce or rapacious.

wolf′ish·ly adv.
wolf′ish·ness n.
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the characteristics or nature of a wolf
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Pile (2013) empiricizes this in geography through Freud's treatment of a patient known as the Wolfman, whose self-identification as a wolf was based on not only his early interaction with wolves but his understanding of wolfishness in the abstract.
It was a "devilish decision," thundered the abolitionist leader Frederick Douglass, a "judicial incarnation of wolfishness." Radical Republican Thaddeus Stevens, a congressman from Pennsylvania, was equally apoplectic.
Once again, metamorphosis has a political reverberation: 'The play uses Ferdinand as lycanthrope to suggest both the ambiguous power of wolfishness and its crucial association with rule' (p.