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Plural of wolf.


the plural of wolf



n., pl. wolves (wo͝olvz),
v. n.
1. any of several carnivorous mammals of the genus Canus, esp. the gray wolf, Canis lupus, formerly common throughout the Northern Hemisphere.
2. any of several other large canids, as the maned wolf.
3. the fur of such an animal.
4. any of various unrelated wolflike animals, as the thylacine.
5. a cruelly rapacious person.
6. a man who makes amorous advances to many women.
7. a pitch of unstable quality or loudness sometimes occurring in a bowed musical instrument.
8. to devour voraciously (often fol. by down): to wolf one's food.
9. to hunt for wolves.
1. cry wolf, to give a false alarm.
2. keep the wolf from the door, to avert poverty or starvation.
3. wolf in sheep's clothing, a person who conceals evil beneath an innocent exterior.
[before 900; Middle English; Old English wulf, c. Old Saxon wulf, Old High German wolf, Old Norse ulfr, Gothic wulfs, Polish wilk, Skt vṛka; akin to Latin lupus, Greek lýkos]
wolf′like`, adj.



1. Friedrich August, 1759–1824, German classical scholar.
2. Hugo, 1860–1903, Austrian composer.


See also animals.

1. a person suffering from lycanthropy.
2. a werewolf or alien spirit in the form of a bloodthirsty wolf.
3. a person reputed to be able to change himself or another person into a wolf.
1. Psychiatry. Also called lycomania. a kind of insanity in which the patient believes himself to be a beast, especially a wolf.
2. the supposed or fabled assumption of the form of a wolf by a human being. — lycanthropic, adj.
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