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Noun1.Woman hater - a misanthrope who dislikes women in particularwoman hater - a misanthrope who dislikes women in particular
misanthrope, misanthropist - someone who dislikes people in general
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" Such remarks indeed led people to consider him as a misogynist or a woman hater. But PRRD again tried to justify these remarks as nothing but an exercise of his freedom of expression which is guaranteed by our Constitution (Section 4, Article III).
I'm a woman hater because I put them on a pedestal, I worship the ground they walk on, I drool over every curve of their bodies and the fabrics by which they emphasize these curves, I venerate the small of their back, I sing praises for the protrusion of their hips, I curse them with the perfection of goddesses, the grace of nymphs, the power of witches, and the beauty of fairies and demand that they measure up to these impossible standards--or I lose interest.
He was also apparently a misogynist or a woman hater. He believed it was because of woman that Adam sinned.
The first essay, 'Beaumont's Lives', revisits the relationship between Beaumont's life and his works, drawing on new biographical material that opens up fresh ways of reading The Scornful Lady and The Woman Hater by encouraging us to review our ideas about Beaumont's financial and religious status.
In a statement on Monday, George said he was committed to the constitution of the country and that no one need to try and make him a woman hater.
Leading forensic psychologist Dr Ian Stephen told the South Wales Argus during his trial for that offence that Grewal was "a psychopath and a woman hater who will feel no sorrow for what he has done".
- the victim's heartbroken family will now be spared the trauma of a trial following 46-year-old fantasist Sharp's plea, we can reveal how he: HAS a history of previous convictions for crimes against women IS a twisted woman hater disowned by his own daughter and step-father SPOOKED out Catherine, forcing her to check into a hotel as she felt uncomfortable when he called to see Irish flatmate Jane Doyle - Sharp's ex girlfriend HAD a spare key to the flat, and IS believed to have murdered her when Jane travelled back to Ireland, before cutting up her remains.
David Alwin and Elisa Criado, both third-year students on the BA Acting course, will perform a scene from The Woman Hater by Beaumont Fletcher on March 21 in front of an audience of casting agents, artistic directors, friends, family and the general public, alongside other students from many of the UK's leading drama schools.
I asked him if he was a woman hater, "no", he said, "I am a hater of vile behaviour".
'WOMAN HATER': Levi Bellfield; PLUCKY: Kate Sheedy gave evidence against Bellfield in court
talent show judges Louis Walsh, Sharon Osbourne and Simon Cowell.' WOMAN HATER...