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Marked by candid interaction between women: a woman-to-woman chat.
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Shuqom presented the Jordanian experience and her pilot project "Woman-to-Woman: Mentoring and Capacity Building Leading to Job Creation for Orphaned Female Youth in Jordan".
Cutie-pie actor Robbie (last seen on AMC's Gay Hollywood) takes over for Carson and Kyan as "the Look" expert; interior designer Damon, who could be Thom's fraternal twin, rethinks "the Locale"; bald, bossy Brit Danny fuses Jai's and Ted's realms into "the Life." Honey's moniker, however, refers not to her talents but to her persona, "the Lady." The message is clear: She's here to relate to the show's sad-sack subjects woman-to-woman.
Following the example of Mary and Elizabeth, this woman-to-woman ministry within the Church attempts to generate a lively faith in God and in God's action in our lives, along with a love for Mary and the Church.