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Having or expressing a belief in or respect for women and their talents and abilities beyond the boundaries of race and class.
One whose beliefs or actions are informed by womanist ideals.

wom′an·ism n.


(Sociology) feminism among non-White, esp Black, theorists
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2) Like feminism, womanism is preoccupied with strategies and ways of ending sexism.
I also appreciate the ways in which womanism, in Alice Walker's original conceptualization, highlights black women's sensual experience and creative expression as part of its politics.
No anseio de estabelecer novas perspectivas teoricas que dessem conta da realidade das mulheres negras, duas importantes correntes de pensamento e de acao politica organizaram-se: womanism e Black feminism.
Referring to current events but with a nod back to Afrofuturism and womanism, the exhibition was a voyage into a certain kind of otherness, or more specifically, a marked exploration of the potential of what the catalogue called an "unencumbered aesthetics of Blackness.
When women of color found that their experiences were left out of prominent discourses of feminism, they gave a name to the study of their experiences and struggles: womanism.
Womanism is an alternative to feminism and developed because of the deficiencies of mainstream feminism to cater to the needs of Black women.
They have thus founded Dalit Feminism or better, Dalit Womanism, in order to define their conditions of experience.
Meanwhile, in other news it has been reported that University of Texas has decided to include a study on "Beyonce Feminism, Rihanna Womanism," in their African-American studies class.
Grounded in the rich offerings of black feminism and womanism, Coleman's edited collection clarifies and envisions an emerging third wave of womanist religious thought.
After all, black womanism arose in large measure precisely because of the need to combat black male sexism.