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Noun1.women's lib - the movement aimed at equal rights for womenwomen's lib - the movement aimed at equal rights for women
crusade, campaign, cause, drive, effort, movement - a series of actions advancing a principle or tending toward a particular end; "he supported populist campaigns"; "they worked in the cause of world peace"; "the team was ready for a drive toward the pennant"; "the movement to end slavery"; "contributed to the war effort"
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Having been through women's lib in the 1960s, I couldn't have imagined that in 2002 we'd be watching something as old-fashioned and cheesy as that.
Ruby reckons Pamela is the sole reason women's lib is falling back into the slime.
Although she has chalked herself up a first, both for herself and for woman's rights, Dr Rickards, married with a 12-year-old son, does not hold a particular brief for women's lib.
DESPITE the best efforts of the champions of women's lib, the ladies are nonetheless finding life difficult.
It began in 1935, long before Women's Lib. A young woman wrote to the magazine Nursery World, describing her sense of isolation, with no near neighbours and very little money.
But the near hysteria generated by the women's lib movement has loaded the dice against men when a relationship breaks up.
That's been a very, very undesirable consequence of Women's Lib. It wasn't what we thought about when we thought of Women's Lib all those years ago.'
And there was me thinking Women's Lib was about the symbolic burning of bras, not their removal by a lecherous looking Sid James.
Women's Lib still has some battles to fight in the fields of equal opportunity and domestic violence, but we have come a long way, and the majority of men have adjusted to the Velvet Revolution with good grace.
THERE was no sign of women's lib in Going Native (C4) which saw a family swap their London house for a homestead in Swaziland.
Thirty years ago, when Women's Lib was arguing against sexism, there was a useful slogan from World War I, which we used for consciousness-raising.
...marching from Hyde Park to Downing Street with 4,000 other women in the UK's biggest ever women's lib demo.

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