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(ˈwɪm ɪn)
women (used chiefly in feminist literature as an alternative spelling to avoid the suggestion of sexism perceived in the sequence m-e-n).
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Today she is active in the women's prison abolishment movement as a member of a Kingston group called Womyn 4 Justice.
Womyn engaged these questions and hundreds of others at Michfest.
The organization has presented to entities such as the Kansas Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners at Wesley Medical Center, the Human Sexuality Class at the University of Kansas, the Columbus chapter of PFLAG, and the Womyn Rising Conference at Washburn University, among others.
I have never been there, but apparently they have signs saying, "Womyn Born Womyn Only.
Thank you for reminding womyn where they belong and thank you for continuously instill in men that cleaning a home is a woman's job (insert sarcasm) -_- You just lost a customer [sic].
The last theme is explored on a track called Womyn, an ode to women delivered in a lazy, laidback yet funny style ending with profuse thanks to all women if, of course, they choose to bestow attention on him.
The We'Moon women had an exhibit booth right next to ours (Women's Studies Librarian, University of Wisconsin) and kindly gave us a review copy right then and there of WE'MOON 2012: GALA RHYTHMS FOR WOMYN.
Today in Canada, where womyn's rights are under attack, where funding to feminist and womyn's organizations has been cut, where indigenous peopLe are still not respected, immigrant and refugee womyn are not valued, where womyn still do not have full control over our bodies or reproduction, where womyn and girls are hypersexualized and face obscene amounts of violence, where the environment is threatened to the point where humanity itself is in peril, where the only national feminist umbrella group, the National Action Committee (NAC), has dissolved, and when womyn are still being oppressed and exploited because we are womyn, yes, we certainly do need feminism.
CAC is a work of, by, and about womyn and queers (the video is dedicated to an apotheosis--"the queerest of the queers"), and as such, it is filled mostly with bodies that read as female, some bodies that read as male, and a few glam androgynous bodies that read ambiguously.
Our group Womyn 4 Social Justice has given a new name to Chuck Strahl, well one you can print anyway, Chuck Stall.
While these authors are--superficially--starkly divergent, their respective plays, anthony's 'da Kink in my hair: voices of black womyn (2005) and Delisle's The Days of Evan (2005) and Winnie's Elephant (2005)--utilize symposia.
intended for womyn who were born and who have lived their entire life