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Denisov wore a Cossack coat, had a beard, had an icon of Nicholas the Wonder-Worker on his breast, and his way of speaking and everything he did indicated his unusual position.
He began to pray to that same Nicholas the Wonder-Worker to save him, promising him a thanksgiving service and some candles.
Some sorcerer with laying-on-of-hands, some sombre wonder-worker by the grace of God, some anointed world-maligner, whom, may the devil take!
To his dim comprehension they were as much wonder-workers as gods are to men.
However, they now recognize him as more than a wonder-worker.
seer and wonder-worker Apollonius of Tyana is compared (as he often has been) to Jesus.
The story of Nathanael's calling in John presents Jesus as a wonder-worker who knows things a human being would have no business knowing.