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And it seems that her day will go from bad to worse as she gets more agro from her student tenants and their wonky washing machine.
Volunteers have named the tough survivors Wonky, Gunkles, Socks and Elbi.
Thankfully, that didn't kill them off and this album is a glorious hunk of wonky pop.
Supermarket chain Asda has launched its 'Wonky Veg' Box in stores including Huddersfield following customer feedback and campaigning, and sold out immediately.
MY LEGS are very wonky, so I use an electric scooter outdoors.
If being Capital of Culture is to have a sort of lasting benefit to Liverpool and its one-star townsfolk then it's going to take a posse not a sheriff, with a very wonky aim, to turn things around for the better before potential investors consider us a Dodge City again.
Love it or loathe it, will you not miss the wonky decaying lump when it's gone?
The Wonky Bird THE Wonky Bird has one leg and one wing, It's flying is awful, but boy can it sing!
EX-MP Lembit Opik will have cosmetic surgery on his "wonky" face this month - and jokes he hopes it makes him look like George Clooney.
"How many Indesit/Hotpoint engineers does it take to replace a wonky cooker knob covered by an expensive service contract?" Answer: "Nobody knows because it hasn't happened yet."