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also won ton  (wŏn′tŏn′)
A noodle-dough dumpling filled typically with spiced minced pork or other ground meat, usually boiled in soup or fried and eaten as a side dish.

[Cantonese wan4 tan1, from Middle Chinese xɦuntɦun (also the source of Mandarin húntún).]
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Noun1.wonton - a Chinese dumpling filled with spiced minced pork; usually served in soup
dumpling, dumplings - small balls or strips of boiled or steamed dough
2.wonton - a soup with won ton dumplingswonton - a soup with won ton dumplings  
soup - liquid food especially of meat or fish or vegetable stock often containing pieces of solid food
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The first appetiser was Hand-Folded Wontons served on a flat stone platter.
For that, we got chicken and sweetcorn soup, a mixed platter of starters (sesame prawn toast, minced pork spring rolls, deep fried wontons, honey long ribs) and a choice of mains.
His sweet and spicy laksa as well as char siu variants make for easy attractions, but the dish you shouldn't miss is the mapo tofu on crispy wontons. It's a starter that sets your meal right.
Eating wontons represents the exchange of fortune from heaven and earth.
If one of your triangles should happen to split as it fries, just lift it out gently, park it on the side until you've finished frying the sealed wontons, then give it another shot in the oil.
Signature dishes include the Satay of Chilean Sea Bass, Lobster Wontons, Peking Duck, Crispy Snapper in "Sand" and Tuna Sashimi Pringle, as well as new steak and omakase sushi offerings.
You may have had these creamy filled wontons like savory pastry at Chinese restaurants and probably didn't know exactly what you were eating.
Fine Choice Foods specialises in hand-rolled spring rolls, gyoza, wontons and more, the company manufactures product out of its facility where it employs over 150 people.
The hot sips of yum cha are accompanied with soft delectable steamed wontons or dim sums.
The menu included dishes like his Kimchee (made from scratch) pancakes, wacky and wild fortune cookies, the coveted Maxine's Cape Cod Cheesecake and Cherry, goat cheese and basil pizza and his original kicking veggie wontons. Voit chose foods from his two favorite food genres...
Other dishes available include the aforementioned asam laksa, Hock Chew wontons (in soup or 'dry', tossed liberally with soy sauce) and dan yan, a bowl of springy tapioca noodles in broth.
Find them at Aldi priced PS1.99 PS1.99 ASDA'S Extra Special Handmade Steamed Dim Sum Selection contains 4 seafood buns, 4 coriander parcels and 4 prawn wontons. All you need to add is soy sauce.