woo away

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w>woo away

vt sep employee, executive, voter, customerabwerben
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MCLAREN Automotive is preparing to take on the powerhouse of Porsche with an entry level sports car which it hopes will woo away drivers who would traditionally have aspired to own a coveted 911.
While Charm looks to woo away customers from BlackBerry, Droid X has been pitted against Apple's iPhone 4, which has sold over 1.7 units within the first three days of launch - a world record in the smartphone market.
Taiwan typically uses big aid packages to entice countries to set up bilateral diplomatic relations over rival China, which seeks to diplomatically isolate the island and woo away its allies with even bigger aid offers.
AOL topper Jonathan Miller and reality guru Burnett gave keynotes that were bluntly pessimistic about the future of commercial broadcasting, as other options woo away viewers.