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Noun1.wood chisel - a chisel for working wood; it is either struck with a mallet or pushed by hand
chisel - an edge tool with a flat steel blade with a cutting edge
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The tools you'll need: Hammer, wood chisel and panel saw (to get the old window out); a brick trowel; pointing trowel; some string; a few masonry nails; a club hammer; a bolster (for cutting bricks); a hammer drill with a masonry bit; a shovel; a bucket; an area for knocking up mortar; a jointing tool, or a small piece of 15mm copper pipe; a soft brush - paint brush or dustpan brush will be fine; PPE Gloves, and goggles.
The court heard Smith returned to Pontcanna on September 13 and used a wood chisel to break in through patio doors at a house in Fairleigh Road.
You may have to clean out the comers with a dull wood chisel, a glass-drilling bit in a drill, or a rotary tool.
Where the Midstate Trail comes within a hundred yards of Flint Road, a dirt path through the forest, one could hear the distinctive sound of a mallet hitting a wood chisel.
Set your heart upon the world like a wood chisel. Something my grandfather might say.
With a carpenter's hammer and a 3/4-inch wood chisel, he carved a carousel horse for his brother's child.
I liked the feel of a hammer and wood chisel in my hands.
Set of chisels 4-piece 120mm Bevel Edge Wood Chisel Set, pounds 5.99 (www.draper.co.uk).
Use a wood chisel to level and flush the dowel with the edge of the chair.