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Noun1.wood chisel - a chisel for working wood; it is either struck with a mallet or pushed by hand
chisel - an edge tool with a flat steel blade with a cutting edge
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Where the Midstate Trail comes within a hundred yards of Flint Road, a dirt path through the forest, one could hear the distinctive sound of a mallet hitting a wood chisel.
With a carpenter's hammer and a 3/4-inch wood chisel, he carved a carousel horse for his brother's child.
could cope did what I moments of neighbour I purchased a shiny new wood chisel and a huge wooden mallet, and set about attacking the side panels.
Use a wood chisel to level and flush the dowel with the edge of the chair.
Set of chisels 4-piece 120mm Bevel Edge Wood Chisel Set, pounds 5.
The same is true of the wood chisel and combination gouge/sewing awl.
Now use a wood chisel to prise the architrave and doorframe apart and then a wider-bladed bolster chisel to get the architrave right off, being careful not to damage the wall with the chisel.
wood chisel slipped and drove into my left hand, just behind my thumb.