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Yet, the exact opposite happened during birdwatching, which lasted several hours."The next day, we went back to the place where we had seen a wood grouse the day before and we also saw three hens," Mrkka said about her two-day trip.
Picture teenage Dihle entranced by "hooters" -- meaning wood grouse, not the other kind.
If you arrive at dusk, the wood grouse will welcome you with their goodnight call!
Could be extinct by 2025 Capercaillie (wood grouse) Habitat quality and climate change.
The Capercaillie (Tetrao urogallus), also known as the Wood Grouse, is the largest member of the grouse family and is renowned for its mating display.
"Probably would be hard to hunt pheasants or wood grouse or prairie grouse with that Gordon," someone else in the crowd at the walking trial said as the dog's handler went over a hill looking for the wide-ranging, big-running dog that he hoped would be on point somewhere with the mounted judges watching.