wood louse

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or wood louse (wo͝od′lous′)
n. pl. wood·lice (-līs′) or wood lice
Any of various terrestrial isopod crustaceans of the suborder Oniscidea, having a gray or brown oval segmented body and commonly found in damp places such as under logs. Some woodlice can roll into a ball. Also called pillbug, slater, sowbug.

wood′ louse`

any of various tiny isopod crustaceans, often of damp shady habitats, as the pill bug and the sow bug.
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Possible replies: pill bug, doodlebug, potato bug, roly poly, sow bug, twiddle bug, wood louse, millipede and centipede.
She has studied a range of animals from the giant isopod which looks like a large underwater wood louse to Antarctic fish.
You see meltwater scything through land forming titanic glaciers, penguins leaping from the waves like kids in a bouncy castle, a grey owl utterly unreal in its otherworldly beauty, and a wood louse the size of a dinner plate (it's under the sea, of course - there's some messed-up stuff under the sea).
A wood louse doesn't seem to have much of a time of it, for instance, and being a seal would always leave you in danger of getting a clout on the head if you strayed into Canadian waters.