wood louse

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or wood louse (wo͝od′lous′)
n. pl. wood·lice (-līs′) or wood lice
Any of various terrestrial isopod crustaceans of the suborder Oniscidea, having a gray or brown oval segmented body and commonly found in damp places such as under logs. Some woodlice can roll into a ball. Also called pillbug, slater, sowbug.
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wood′ louse`

any of various tiny isopod crustaceans, often of damp shady habitats, as the pill bug and the sow bug.
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The inspection report said a cleaning cupboard in the food preparation room was "dirty", and there was evidence of "mould growth, wood louse and slugs".
I'm sure the earth shall remain, if not elsewhere, it shall remain in my bones; as a wood louse lives in the trunk of a tree, as a weevil lives in a seed, the earth shall remain in me even after doomsday; if not, elsewhere, in my mortality.
Possible replies: pill bug, doodlebug, potato bug, roly poly, sow bug, twiddle bug, wood louse, millipede and centipede.
She has studied a range of animals from the giant isopod which looks like a large underwater wood louse to Antarctic fish.