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1. See woodcut.
2. also wood block Music A hollow block of wood struck with a drumstick to produce percussive effects in an orchestra.
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1. (Building) a small rectangular flat block of wood that is laid with others as a floor surface
2. (Instruments) music another word for Chinese block
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2. a hollow block of hard wood struck with a wooden stick or mallet and used in the percussion section of an orchestra.
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There are two exhibitions: Always Sky Above - textiles and textile sculpture by Kei Ito; plus Made in Japan, four centuries of Japanese woodblock prints.
He compares Bellini's painting 'Procession of the True Cross' -- in which the wide urban context is included as part of the narrative -- with woodblock prints by Hokusai and Hiroshige, showing street-scenes with crowds of people, parasols and banners, but in which the buildings are inconspicuous.
It's a broad look at materials used in arts crafted across East Asia, but as soon as I stepped into the exhibition space I was immediately drawn to the Japanese woodblock prints known as Ukiyo-e.
These include the first printed pamphlet which was issued by the protesters outlining its "Declaration of Rebellion", a digital file outlining their open-source design programme - including their symbol, their woodblock type and other graphics and materials for download.
The list includes woodblock artists, artist vendors, food vendors, sponsors and volunteers.
Calvert III exhibits a selection of woodblock prints along with tools and information about the woodblock printmaking process in his solo show, "I SPI: Source, Process, Image," at the Harold Washington Library Center, 8th floor, 400 S.
This color art book gathers illustrations by Taiso Yoshitoshi, a 19th century Japanese woodblock artist, centering on his illustrations for supernatural stories from two series: One Hundred Tales of Japan and China and New Forms of Thirty-six Strange Things.
It was produced by a technique known as woodblock printing, which has a history in Japan dating back a thousand years.
The art of the Edo period, dominated by painting and woodblock prints, came to be known as "pictures of the floating world" or ukiyo-e.
The author will share photographs and woodblock prints of the women and their kimonos, furnishings and tea as well as the incense ceremony implements used at the time.
The sale included other rare items such as Monet's pencil sketches, paintings and Japanese woodblock prints from the French master's personal collection.
In these galleries, it is a pleasure to admire original works by the master, delight in the subtleness of colours, and the excellent condition of the woodblock prints.