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1. The art of creating or decorating objects of wood by carving with a sharp handheld tool.
2. A carved wood object.

wood′carv′er n.
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Noun1.woodcarver - makes decorative wooden panelswoodcarver - makes decorative wooden panels  
woodworker, woodman, woodsman - makes things out of wood
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De Leon's belen fabric artwork is also among the items being exhibited, as well as the work of renowned woodcarver Luisito Acac.
Peppard is considered a semi-professional woodcarver.
The story is about a grown daughter of a local woodcarver who discovers that her father's story about a dragon in the woods is not just a tall tale.
We've all read the story about the mischievous little puppet named Pinocchio and his father, a woodcarver named Geppetto.
Meanwhile, a contemporary of Sielaff's named Thomas Tibbie was serving an apprenticeship of his own with another of Detroit's premier craftsmen: German woodcarver Richard Reuther.
Woodcarver Veronica Bell said: "Our aim is to show the process of making art.
Married with two children, David is himself an accomplished woodcarver.
Artist Steve Bower will use the gallery as a base to work in nearby parks from July 27 to August 9, while woodcarver Roy Bouffler will give demonstrations on August 8-9 and 15-16.
Marie-Claire designed the wooden "hat blocks" herself "and they were handmade by local woodcarver John McAuley using local species of wood.
History Talk The story of Albert Clark, an artist and woodcarver of Brimfield, "Discovering Albert Clark,'' will be presented by his niece Joan Demers, 11:15 a.
The new arrival proved to be a gift from woodcarver Leonard Croft, a family friend from Shepley.
Charlie Swan 47 nine-time champion jump jockey; Harry Findlay 53 joint-owner of Denman & Beshabar; Mike Keogh 58 trainer of Woodcarver & Wando; Andrea Bertram 57 trainer of Intendant; Sir William Pigott-Brown 74 champion amateur rider 1960-61 & 1962-63; Geoff Harker 49 Middleham trainer; George Primarolo 36 former Totesport PR manager; Zac Goldsmith MP 40 cofounder of Fitzdares; Bill Bevan 50 bloodstock underwriter; Glyn Shingler 59 historian & book collector; Countess of Wessex (pictured) 50 owner with Ed Dunlop; Gerry McGladery 47 owner with John Ryan; Owen Hargreaves 34 owner with Ed Vaughan; Shaun Connelly 49 co-owner of Go Go Green; Charles Philipps 56 owner with Thurloe Thoroughbreds