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1. The art of creating or decorating objects of wood by carving with a sharp handheld tool.
2. A carved wood object.

wood′carv′er n.
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Noun1.woodcarver - makes decorative wooden panelswoodcarver - makes decorative wooden panels  
woodworker, woodman, woodsman - makes things out of wood
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Ju, 81, a woodcarver from Miaoli County, gained international fame for his square-looking effigies of humans, the early series of which was inspired by the discipline of taiji.
From the street, the house of master woodcarver Justino 'Paloy' Cagayat Jr.
Charlie Swan 51 today Charlie Swan 51 nine-time champion jump jockey; Saimee Jumaat 47 eight-time champion jockey in Singapore; Harry Findlay 57 jointowner of Denman & Beshabar; Sir William Pigott-Brown Bt 78 champion amateur rider 1960-61 & 1962-63; Mike Keogh 62 trainer of Woodcarver & Wando; Andrea Bertram 61 trainer of Intendant; Geoff Harker 53 Middleham trainer; Countess of Wessex 54 owner with Ed Dunlop; Owen Hargreaves 38 owner with Ed Vaughan; Charles Philipps 60 owner with Thurloe Thoroughbreds; Zac Goldsmith 44 co-founder of Fitzdares 2005; Glyn Shingler 63 historian & book collector Please notify birthday greetings to us at least one week before publication HORSE PLAY ANSWERS Easy as 1-2-3 1.
The attendees laid a wreath at a unique wooden memorial that was crafted by a Roma woodcarver to mark Roma Holocaust Memorial Day, which is commemorated worldwide on August 2.It is very important for us not to think that things that once happened ndash Im now referring to the Roma Holocaust - can never happen again, said Ravasz, adding that it is our duty to prevent the atrocities of WWII from happening again.
Many of our colleagues and seniors lived helpless lives in their retired ages as they even had no money for their medical treatment,' said Nasar Sheen, a famous woodcarver from Swat valley.
He has a broad base of hands-on experience as a carpenter, cabinetmaker, woodcarver, luthier, building contractor, and architectural designer.
Peppard is considered a semi-professional woodcarver. In order to reach professional status, he needs to take first place at one of the competitions like the one in Reedsport.
If you're looking for a family-friendly film to watch this holiday weekend then check out the Disney film "Pete's Dragon." The story is about a grown daughter of a local woodcarver who discovers that her father's story about a dragon in the woods is not just a tall tale.
We've all read the story about the mischievous little puppet named Pinocchio and his father, a woodcarver named Geppetto.
Meanwhile, a contemporary of Sielaff's named Thomas Tibbie was serving an apprenticeship of his own with another of Detroit's premier craftsmen: German woodcarver Richard Reuther.
Woodcarver Veronica Bell said: "Our aim is to show the process of making art.
Married with two children, David is himself an accomplished woodcarver.