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A power-driven machine for cutting wood into chips.
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Muslim author Reza Asian tweeted that Sandmann had a "punchable face." Ex-Democrat Party head Howard Dean called CCHS "a hate factory." Disney producer Jack Morrissey tweeted "#MAGAkids go screaming, hats first, into the woodchipper," along with imagery portraying such carnage.
An Australian man was killed after he fell into a woodchipper while clearing branches from someone's property north of Brisbane. According to the police, the man was found with critical injuries on the property, north-east of Gympie, Sunday night.
Just one tree had to fall for us to require two working days of the services of a team of men with chainsaws, a large truck, an SUV and trailer, a woodchipper (a truly terrifying machine), and a machine on tracks known as a stump grinder.
BEST: Drills, chainsaws and even a woodchipper have been used to inflict serious harm on horror film victims.
Their online comments about the federal judge who sentenced Ulbricht--including the suggestion that some judges should be taken out and shot, another that they should instead be fed into a woodchipper, and a third saying a "special place in hell" should be reserved for them--were crude and hyperbolic but did not by any stretch of the imagination amount to "true threats" unprotected by the First Amendment.
The Coens bring a lived-in sensibility to the setting, applying a local's eye for detail to the characterisations, dialogue quirks and location dressing, from the wardrobe of stern family patriarch Wade Gustafson (Harve Presnell) and the production design of Marge's kitchen to the ice that encrusts the windshield of Jerry's car and--perhaps the film's most enduring image--a geyser of blood spraying from a woodchipper across a field of snow.
"Willow Vale" is a moving read of the pains of immigrant life and the woodchipper that life can be.
An RDPE bioeNErgy panel approved a pounds 4,200 grant to pay for a woodchipper and trailer to supply the fuel to the Scot's Gap office, and also provided pounds 3,932 to help pay for a Jappa Firewood processor and a Woodline log splitter.
[Tony:] "You didn't really throw that blonde cutie into a woodchipper did you?" [Ben:] "No Tony.
We can only hope two movies the duo talk about often, "Cannibal Campout" and "Woodchipper Massacre," make it into the public domain at some point.
Strain's subsidized the tractor-pulled woodchipper his homeowners association uses to put down chips on footpaths throughout its 120-acre commons.