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 (wo͝od′rəf, -rŭf′)
1. Any of various plants of the genus Asperula, having whorled leaves and small funnel-shaped flowers.
2. The cultivated plant sweet woodruff, formerly classified in the genus Asperula.

[Middle English woderofe, from Old English wudurofe : wudu, wood + -rofe, of unknown meaning.]
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(Plants) any of several rubiaceous plants of the genus Galium, esp G. odoratum (sweet woodruff), of Eurasia, which has small sweet-scented white flowers and whorls of narrow fragrant leaves used to flavour wine and liqueurs and in perfumery
[Old English wudurofe, from wood1 + rōfe, related to Old High German ruoba, Middle Low German rōve (beet)root, Latin rēpere to creep]
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(ˈwʊd rəf, -ˌrʌf)

any of several plants of the genus Asperula, of the madder family, as A. odorata, a fragrant plant with small white flowers.
[before 1000; Middle English woderove, Old English wudurofe, wudurife=wudu wood1 + -rofe, -rife, of uncertain meaning]
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Noun1.woodruff - Old World fragrant stoloniferous perennial having small white flowers and narrow leaves used as flavoring and in sachetswoodruff - Old World fragrant stoloniferous perennial having small white flowers and narrow leaves used as flavoring and in sachets; widely cultivated as a ground cover; in some classifications placed in genus Asperula
sweet woodruff, waldmeister - fragrant dark green leaves used to flavor May wine
May wine - a punch made of Moselle and sugar and sparkling water or champagne flavored with sweet woodruff
bedstraw - any of several plants of the genus Galium
2.woodruff - any plant of the genus Asperula
Asperula tinctoria, dyer's woodruff - creeping European perennial having red or pinkish-white flowers and red roots sometimes used as a substitute for madder in dyeing
subshrub, suffrutex - low-growing woody shrub or perennial with woody base
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