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The art or process of shaping wood into forms on a lathe.

wood′turn′er n.
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Emma fills her life with woodturning, woodcarving and lorry driving, where it comes to the first two she is a firm believer in passing on traditional skills so come and share her enthusiasm and determination in finding ways to put ideas into practice.
The ladies of Closeburn SWI enjoyed a demonstration on woodturning from Andrew Ross at their January meeting.
Following the launch and development of the woodwork department in the grounds of the centre, Blyth Star Enterprises is now looking to expand the training programme to include the full range of skills that people can acquire at the centre, such as woodturning, bench joinery, product assembly and practical DIY.
For any keen woodworker who wants to do more turning but are short of time, "30-Minute Woodturning" is the perfect instructional do-it-yourself reference and guide for amateur and recreational woodworkers and showcases an impressive variety of projects--each of which can all be completed in 30 minutes.
I have a big workshop there and thought I would have a go at woodturning. We have olive trees on the land that I can use to make bowls.
Technology group Lagercrantz Group AB (STO:LAGRB) announced on Tuesday the acquisition of the Swedish company Tormek AB, a provider of sharpening systems for edge tools such as knives, chisels as well as tools for woodcarving and woodturning.
With even the smallest of consumer items increasing their levels of technology, the old-school nature of a woodturning table and the skills to use it seem from a distant past.
Later in life, Esguerra studied woodturning, a technique of using a lathe or worker's wheel to shape a bowl or object by following the wood's grain.
A woodturning demonstration was given by Malcolm Batchelor, from Cumberworth, who has also donated his lathe, drill press, turning tools and bench grinder.
I am a member of a club that was doing woodturning demonstrations, although I couldn't attend due to other commitments.