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Adj.1.woody-stemmed - having a woody stem
caulescent, cauline, stemmed - (of plants) producing a well-developed stem above ground
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A better choice would be smaller, rounded, woody-stemmed plants, but be certain to give them enough space above and below ground to grow away from the building."
Hausleiter, who is from the German Archaeological Institute for Middle East in Berlin, said that despite the existence of some human settlement remains probably dating to the late Neolithic age (late 7th and early 6th centuries BCE), agriculture in Tayma Oasis belonged to 4300 BCE onward, and the crops included vines, a climbing woody-stemmed plant of the grape family, and fig.
Having done my research, I've just bought Parthenocissus Tricupidata, a beautiful woody-stemmed deciduous climber with amazing crimson leaf colour in autumn.
While you can start now to take cuttings of coleus, verbena and begonias, it would be better to wait for the longer days to arrive before working on the geraniums, lantanas and other more woody-stemmed plants.
What B is the name of the woody-stemmed grass plant, found mainly in Asia, which forms the staple diet of the giant panda?
But because both these plants are herbaceous, they are missing some genes found only in trees and other woody-stemmed plants.
These woody-stemmed plants can grow to up and over 4m (13') in height, depending on variety, and can have an equally large spread so they do need some room to grow.