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intr.v. wool·gath·ered, wool·gath·er·ing, wool·gath·ers
To engage in fanciful daydreaming.

[From the practice of wandering areas where sheep graze to gather tufts of wool caught on vegetation .]

wool′gath′er·er n.
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Noun1.woolgatherer - someone who indulges in idle or absentminded daydreaming
lotus-eater, stargazer - someone indifferent to the busy world; "in the Odyssey Homer tells of lotus-eaters who live in dreamy indolence"
escapist, wishful thinker, dreamer - a person who escapes into a world of fantasy
do-nothing, idler, layabout, loafer, bum - person who does no work; "a lazy bum"
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Even in works bearing no representational motif to clue the viewer into the painting's feeling-tone, inwardness was evoked through the nuances of grayed-out color and a propensity toward a woolgatherer's reiterative yet unsystematic mark-making.
The Woolgatherer, Tron Theatre, Glasgow Starts 2pm.
I remember I was in rehearsal for The Woolgatherer at Circle Repertory Company, and it was the year Mt.
Mastrosimone made his professional debut as a playwright with "The Woolgatherer," which won the Los Angeles Drama Critics Best Play award in 1982.
"This survey will help formulate points of convergence on any corporation's fiduciary intents and will help said corporations endeavor diligently to provide succor in their respective attempts to consummate objectives in every category," said Giovanni Woolgatherer, chief executive officer of Buy the Numbers.
By the time he arrived in the burned-out rubble of New York's downtown to join the nascent East Village art scene, Wong had developed a steady hand, a woolgatherer's imagination, a poet's love of language, a street artist's populism, and an insider's understanding of subculture and counterculture.
But I'm an easily distracted woolgatherer, and I need lots of help remaining engaged as one of the priestly people called to lift up my heart on Sundays.
The Woolgatherer, William Mastrosimone; dir: Jim Thigpen.
The Woolgatherer, William Masfrosimone; dir: Jim Thigpen.
Blessed are you workaholics, blessed are you woolgatherers; blessed are you prophets, blessed are you psychotics; you isolates and you merrymakers; you homosexuals and heterosexuals; vegetarians and junk food freaks; chapel addicts and TV addicts; Shakespeare buffs and Harlequin buffs; alcoholics and abstainers; lovers and haters.
On Merseyside, what are the Woolgatherers and Rainhill Garrick?
The address is The Sheepscombe Connection, Woolgatherers, Glos, GL6 7QT, or email sheepscombepcc @gmail.com