woolly alder aphid

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Noun1.woolly alder aphid - attacks alders
woolly aphid, woolly plant louse - secretes a waxy substance like a mass of fine curly white cotton or woolly threads
genus Prociphilus, Prociphilus - a genus of Aphididae
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In contrast, Chrysopa slossonae is a specialist predator that exclusively utilizes the woolly alder aphid, Prociphilus tessellatus [31].
Its single prey, the woolly alder aphid [Prociphilus tesselatus (Fitch)], ranges from southeastern Canada through the eastern United States into northern Florida.
slossonae adults, we also added their usual prey, woolly alder aphids. All experiments were carried out under constant conditions of photoperiod (L:D 16:8) and temperature (24 [+ or -] 1 [degrees]C).