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 (wo͞o′zē, wo͝oz′ē)
adj. wooz·i·er, wooz·i·est
1. Dazed or confused.
2. Dizzy or queasy.

[Possibly from alteration of boozy, drunken, from booze.]

wooz′i·ly adv.
wooz′i·ness n.
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A sensation of whirling or falling:
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n (inf)Benommenheit f
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Timothy Rohrig, testified at Cosby's last trial that wooziness and other effects Constand described could have been caused by quaaludes or Benadryl, the over-the-counter cold medication Cosby claims he gave her.
Like the faint-worthy intensities of the installation howling over and over again in the gallery next door, her pained wooziness here is weirdly contagious--the work produces a kind of osmotic unease, a dark little shard of panic that stows away with empathy and then worms its anxious way into even the most (supposedly) distanced of viewers.
Sometimes you may get prone to wooziness, head ache, stomach cramps, nausea, and sickness.
* Lightheadedness or wooziness is feeling faint, such as from standing up quickly.
Our wooziness is enhanced by the confusing trio of spaghetti straps.
If you or one of your companions sees or feels the signs of being drugged -- such as extreme wooziness, confusion, difficulty standing, or slurred speech -- get to a safe place immediately and if the symptoms are severe, go to a hospital.
Indications of hypertension may be gentle and obscure, cerebral pain, morning migraine, tinnitus-ringing or buzzing in ears, wooziness, disarray and papilledema.
Each episode lasts only seconds; however, it is not unusual for patients to complain of persisting symptoms of disturbed gait, blurred vision or 'wooziness', which may be misleading.
When 37-year-old John Sylvan rushed to Beth Israel Hospital in 1995 with heart palpitations and wooziness, it seemed like he might be having a heart attack.
After a metrical pause, perhaps an implied cue for a moment of wooziness, Angelo describes his heart as like "one that swounds" and the blood that rushes towards it as like "foolish throngs" that block the air by crowding in "obsequious fondness" and "untaught love" (2.4.24, 28, 27).
And so, we are thrilled to the bones and shift to drinking SMB Pale Pilsen-its coldness perking up our wooziness. A familiar face walks by, whom we recognize as Ricky Agana, a high-school batchmate from La Salle Green Hills.