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Noun1.word division - division of a word especially at the end of a line on a page
division - the act or process of dividing
orthography, writing system - a method of representing the sounds of a language by written or printed symbols
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Second, determinatives conveniently mark the ends of words in a script that does not exhibit word division. To perform this function adequately, there is no need for the determinative to represent the class appurtenance of the meaning of a word with great accuracy.
Il secondo capitolo evidenzia le regole e la grammatica del gioco di parole, illustrandone i modelli tassonomici di diversi autori ed rilevando alcuni elementi e processi fondamentali che gli studiosi non hanno preso in considerazione, ad esempio i giochi di parole basati su omonimia con accento diverso (involving stress), sulla divisione delle parole (word division) ecc.
There are some errors in punctuation and word division (e.g., "worl-dview" [14]).
The division of their labors is explained in the Introduction, from which it is clear that the bulk of the editorial work was undertaken by Whitehead, who was responsible for transcribing the text and formatting it in a recognizable way for present-day readers (that is, by expanding abbreviations, and adding modern punctuation, word division, capitalization, and paragraphing).
(Judith Boss joins them on Youth and the Bright Medusa.) The apparatus in each book comprises a textual essay, emendations, notes on emendations, a table of rejected substantives, and word division lists.
Not only does the edition reproduce the layout of the original by page, column, and line, it exactly records the punctuation, spelling, and word division used by the two scribes who wrote out the text.
Chapter 1, entitled "The school of close spacing," begins with a discussion of letter, word, and line spacing, with warnings to the practitioner about hazardous default settings in the hyphenation and justification dialog boxes, and arguments for etymological versus phonetic word division. Using illustrated examples, Raphaeli examines the flaws and refinements in the form and function of good and poor settings.
He covers errors in keyboarding, word division, capitalization, abbreviation, number expression and punctuation, and formatting errors for a variety of documents.
She got into the finer points of typography and, as a writer, really became absorbed with the subtleties of spacing, kerning, and word division that most readers don't see.
But by mistaken word division the word became umble.
Word division, for example, does not follow the standard rules for Latin syllabification, and the score places the voices disorientingly above the instrumental parts--two quirks that seem to stem from the old Malipiero edition in the Monteverdi Tulle le opere (vol.
I have followed the lead of previous translators in cutting up the lines and modifying the word division and punctuation in the original language to fit the particular translation.