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Noun1.word sense - the accepted meaning of a wordword sense - the accepted meaning of a word  
signified, sense - the meaning of a word or expression; the way in which a word or expression or situation can be interpreted; "the dictionary gave several senses for the word"; "in the best sense charity is really a duty"; "the signifier is linked to the signified"
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Among the topics are the word sense disambiguation of medical terms via recurrent convolutional neural networks, implementing a nationwide electronic health record in Albania: a case study, a web-based tool to evaluate data quality of reused health data assets, timed up-and-go device for the unsupervised functional assessment of elderly patients, and 128 shades of red: objective remote assessment of radiation dermatitis by augmented digital skin imaging.
The LEIA must not only estimate confidence in each of its individual calculations (each word sense, each coreference decision), it must weigh that evidence to arrive at a single overall analysis.
Improved word sense induction helps to disambiguate terms semi-automatically, the inclusion of statistical language models boosts text mining results, and the refined statistics and search features enhance the user experience.
These models are integrated into Information Retrieval (IR) language models to resolve ambiguity and also improve both Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD) and document ranking with respect to state-of-the-art methods.
Being able to model the semantic compositionality of MWEs--and in turn determine whether a given MWE is semantically transparent or opaque--has been shown to be important for many NLP tasks, ranging from machine translation [8] and information retrieval [1] to word sense disambiguation [ 11 ].
Linguistic technologies include: bilingual dictionaries, transfer rules, statistical parsing, word sense disambiguation, morphological and syntactic analysis.
Word sense disambiguation for event trigger word detection in biomedicine.
El problema de determinardesde el punto de vista computacional el "sentido" o significado de una palabra por su uso en un contexto dado, a partir de un conjunto de sentidos posibles, es conocido como desambiguacion semantica o del sentido de las palabras (WSD, segun las siglas del ingles Word Sense Disambiguation) (Eneko Agirre & Edmonds, 2006).
Semantic Annotation of SOAP Web Services based on Word Sense Disambiguation Techniques (1)
In this work we propose a new method of word sense disambiguation (WSD) using matrix map of the semantic scores extracted from SentiWordNet of WordNet glosses terms.
After an introduction on assistive technology products, the Generate and Repair Machine Translation system, and speech and prosodic processing for assistive technology, chapters discuss applications, including alternative sign text machine translation for language learning, lexical simplification using word sense disambiguation, a math system for people with visual impairment, and detecting and rating dementia through lexical analysis of spontaneous speech, in addition to theories and systems, including granule learning behavior patterns of students, rough sets methods and applications for medical data, and multimedia support systems as assistive technology for hearing impaired students.
The present paper accomplishes an analysis of the multiple classifications that exist for the word sense disambiguation algorithms (WSD); also it displays the lexical fundamental resource employed for the implementation of these.