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Noun1.word structure - the admissible arrangement of sounds in words
structure - the complex composition of knowledge as elements and their combinations; "his lectures have no structure"
affixation - the result of adding an affix to a root word
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* Fostering awareness of word structure, including an understanding of word parts and word order.
The book presents the research and results of a European Network on Word Structure project.
This paper is designed to reconstruct the height of the surface of the object by using a single word structure, but a laser can only reproduce the height of the laser line (Figure 7).
The spelling approximations in the current study revealed that even very poor spellers encoded morphological knowledge in their spellings and challenges assumptions that poor spellers fail to encode details of word structure (e.g.
The rest of the chapters deal with various linguistically salient features: the sound systems; word structure; nouns; verbs; grammatical relations; valency-changing strategies; evidentiality; genders and classifiers; serial verb constructions; sentence formation; stylistic features of Amazonian languages (including numeral systems, speech styles, male and female speech, and mixed languages such as Island Carib); and finally, a succinct summary of the book called the "treasures of Amazonian languages." Although Aikhenvald intends this final chapter as a revelation of what still remains to be investigated, it is rather more a state-of-the-art summary, without specific topics being earmarked as those requiring further study.
NetWordS ("The European Network on Word Structure. Cross-disciplinary approaches to understanding word structure in the languages of Europe") is a 4-year research networking programme (2011-2015) promoted by the European Science Foundation, gathering 16 European countries and over 50 national laboratories and scientific institutions.
Relevant character of the work is conditioned by the fact, that the level of development of the word structure determines not only the presence of speech underdevelopment of cortical genesis, but also determines the specificity and the degree of its manifestation.
It involves reading instruction that is focused on phonemic awareness and segmentation skills, alphabet principle of sound and symbol knowledge, word structure and analysis knowledge (phonics), reading accuracy and fluency, and spelling.
Teaching Reading Sourcebook includes a section on word structure for both English and Spanish.