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1. Not expressed in words; unspoken: wordless animosity; wordless joy.
2. Inarticulate; silent: wordless spectators.

word′less·ly adv.
word′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.wordlessly - without speaking; "he sat mutely next to her"
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[ˈwɜːrdləsli] advsans un motword of mouth n
by word of mouth → de bouche à oreilleword order nordre m des motsword-perfect [ˌwɜːrdˈpɜːrfɪkt] adj
to be word-perfect [actor, speaker, interviewee] → être en tout point parfait(e)
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He gurgled wordlessly, and Claire went on, her low, sad voice mingling with the moonlight in a manner that caused thrills to run up and down his spine.
Wordlessly, wearing an expression that said, "It's a joke," he'd point toward the heavens and the author of all things.
While the concert's clunkily didactic audio-visual presentation about music and Pythagorean mysticism failed - resembling a 1970s Open University television lecture and not helped by Max Richter's dreary minimalist Journey Song CP1919 - the Mozart wordlessly and elegantly succeeded.
When she wordlessly shared the Sohni Mahiwal poster on Instagram today, her post did reveal the film comes out soon, like April 5 soon.
'Soon as I parked my butt on the kitchen stool, the cook wordlessly places a bowl in front of me and goes straight to bed,' he continued with his narration.
GRIS's story is told wordlessly through stunning animation.
Busyness drives us into self, while quiet meditation reminds us how the skies wordlessly declare God's greatness, power, and faithfulness (Psalm 19:1-6).
When Abuela enters the room, she takes it all in wordlessly, and Julian's triumphant stance becomes one of a defeated boy, sure he'll be shamed.
When asked, he just said, "Yeah, I've been drinking caffeine all day." Reports stated Butts, who was strapped to a gurney, opened his mouth wordlessly for a while and then yawned.
"D'ye like it?" The man ignores him and hurries past, but at that moment a lady he has never met before rushes up and, grinning inanely, wordlessly offers a thumbs-up gesture towards his image of last week's tea.
With her pulse moving in her temples, Naomi wordlessly peeled away the shells of the four other eggs.
It was the kind of food that has you nodding and grinning in approval as you wordlessly attempt to express how it feels to eat it.