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1. Not expressed in words; unspoken: wordless animosity; wordless joy.
2. Inarticulate; silent: wordless spectators.

word′less·ly adv.
word′less·ness n.
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Adv.1.wordlessly - without speaking; "he sat mutely next to her"


[ˈwɜːrdləsli] advsans un motword of mouth n
by word of mouth → de bouche à oreilleword order nordre m des motsword-perfect [ˌwɜːrdˈpɜːrfɪkt] adj
to be word-perfect [actor, speaker, interviewee] → être en tout point parfait(e)
References in classic literature ?
He gurgled wordlessly, and Claire went on, her low, sad voice mingling with the moonlight in a manner that caused thrills to run up and down his spine.
Courtesy of screenwriter Justin Haythe, the cliches are all here, from the matching sweatsuits the sparrows wear as they jog on their snowy campus to watching spies wordlessly pass packages in dark and empty parks.
It was the kind of food that has you nodding and grinning in approval as you wordlessly attempt to express how it feels to eat it.
As I sit to formulate reflections on the last 12 months, my mind is wordlessly scribbling ideas for 2018-for those of us who dream like children, going backward does not come easy-let's look forward.
com/blog/archives/2012/05/08/9-best-ways-to-support-someone-with-depression/) Psych Central , "the most healing moments came when someone I loved simply sat with me while I cried, or wordlessly held my hand, or spoke warmly to me with statements like 'You're so important to me.
Or been looked down upon as a less-worthy other, wordlessly so as to deny them any recourse against it?
Heaping the bodies wordlessly into the holes of the earth And stirring + stirring the soil in their open mouths the lack of air biting at our bone-weary memories of a time when this was not the sounds of our lives.
Finally, the reviewer had to force herself to read Owens's book because of its breathtaking title that affronted every Indian to whom she wordlessly showed it.
They often wordlessly grapple with their role in the decision to end the lives of their offspring.
Additional producer Matt Robertson (Bjork) brings electronic elements to songs like "Last Chance," whose music wordlessly narrates the scene of a traveler running for his life.
And I know for certain it made an impact when the same students wordlessly return for second looks.
Wordlessly, she turns and walks out of the bedroom door.