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Yet the difference between these mystical ideal words and radical wordplay may be more telling than the similarity.
`to render crimson, to colour'.(3) Vergilian wordplay is so common that we could imagine him doing this even were it not the case that viola/violare ambiguities were probably already present in the language.
I greatly enjoyed immersing myself in James O'Hara's fantastically learned [True.sup.B**] Names: Vergil and the Alexandrian Tradition of Etymological Wordplay.(1) The wordplays in question are mostly those perceived (or so presented) by the ancients as `etymological' (the modern linguistic accuracy of these being of course irrelevant, 58), although a few `not strictly etymological' plays creep in by the back door.
In the poem, Donne makes able use of paradox, ambiguity, and wordplay.
Essentially a modernist poet, Nims makes use of elaborate wordplay and striking figures of speech.
This Kickshaws colu(mn is dedicated to the memory of Ross Eckler, a giant in the field of wordplay, a person who knew the English language and a vast number pf amazing words.
Aga and Charlene Muhlach: A personal museum where they will display their extensive painting collection, which they can name 'MuhL'Art Pour L'Art' (my wordplay on Muhlach and the French expression, L'Art pour L'Art, which means 'art for art's sake').
WordPlay, Market Place, South Shields THERE are few events that would convince you to leave the house on a cold November evening.
This series is full of clever wordplay and homophones that make Haggis and Tank's adventures even more fun!
Then on Thursday, May 14, WordPlay continues the monthly poetry and spoken word season in the theatre bar, with guest Kim Moore; and on Friday, May 15, there's theatre, We Can Be Heroes, examining the dreams of two teenagers who want to escape the bullies and small town life.
Both are leading up to his second album for Kanye West's GOOD Music imprint, which blends Sean's signature wordplay with some unexpectedly serious introspection.
Expect poetry at its most fun, contemporary, and satirical featuring "thigh-slapping acerbic wordplay and bawdy bar room ballads".