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1. A fluent and prolific writer, especially one who writes professionally.
2. An expert on words.


(Literary & Literary Critical Terms) a person skilled in using words



an expert in the use of words, esp. a professional writer.
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Noun1.wordsmith - a fluent and prolific writer
author, writer - writes (books or stories or articles or the like) professionally (for pay)


[ˈwɜːdsmɪθ] N (= writer) → artífice mf de la palabra; (= poet) → poeta mf
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All the stalwarts of Dictionary Corner (the smug gits who pretend they've come up with an eight-letter word to trump the contestants when we all know it's wordsmith Suzie Dent who's whispered it to them) are in the running, led by 5-1 favourite Giles Brandreth.
It didn't seem possible that such a talented wordsmith as my father could be rendered incapable of uttering even a single word by any illness,'' Grad said, after being presented with the Elsa Rose Fabares Award by her husband, Peter Grad.
Is Mr Storey by any chance related to that other great political wordsmith, John Prescott?
com)-- Today, Badger Wordsmith, LLC (BWS) announced the release of Steven Spingola's new book, Best of Spingola Files, Vol.
For not only has the witty wordsmith written Dick Whittington, he will also be playing the part of Idle Jack and directing the show when the curtain goes up on December 7 at Solihull Arts Complex.
Undeterred, the London-based club duo of wordsmith Simon Franks and Tom Dinsdale, who provides the sounds, are about to play their first ever headline gig at The Scala this week.
A colleague in a southern California professional writers' association at year-end '99 penned an essay announcing the "Death of the Wordsmith.
Introduced as Wordsmith and Artist, each service package caters to specific needs and audience.
Harelik's turn as the wordsmith swordsman of Edmond Rostand's ``Cyrano de Bergerac'' at South Coast Repertory Theatre is the kind of work that psychoanalysts could parse over for days.
The former Cammell Laird worker turned playwright, filmmaker and now wordsmith was a key part of ITV Sport - the ill-fated digital channel.
George really is the dream author; he's a true wordsmith and a tireless promoter, and a pleasure to work with.
A BIRMINGHAM wordsmith could win pounds 1,000 by writing a poem about his or her life and the city.