work away

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w>work away

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We had a particularly hot time of it on that particular afternoon, and with no comfort but what we could get out of the fact that the peasants at work away up on the steep mountainsides above our heads were even worse off than we were.
If you don't trouble 'em, most of 'em'll work away underground for a lifetime an' spread out an' have little 'uns.
When I had come home from Caddy's while she was ill, I had often found Ada at work, and she had always put her work away, and I had never known what it was.
Work away, my dear, and help their mother keep these sons fit friends for an innocent creature like yourself; they will be the manlier men for it, I can assure you."
It was tough at times but you have to work away and impress ANTHONY RALSTON ON HIS BATTLE TO RECLAIM PLACE IN SIDE AT CELTIC
The pair have already managed to bring Josh Heaton, Cody Cooke and Jeff King to the club, while they continue to work away on a shortlist of potential new recruits for the Paisley side over the coming weeks.
But, our mole whispers, 'Teachers had not planned to work away from home.
"He has had this opportunity to work away for this period of time and he has taken this for the benefit of his family.
Then there are the times I get to work away which in itself can feel like a treat too.
The report, to mark national work from home day, said many employers were still afraid to allow staff to work away from the office.