work bench

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: bench - a strong worktable for a carpenter or mechanicwork bench - a strong worktable for a carpenter or mechanic
lab bench, laboratory bench - a workbench in a laboratory
work table, worktable - a table designed for a particular task
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It works like a champ, except now I can't sit my cradle on the work bench anymore when I need the gun held lower.
The Range Kit for Pistols from RamRodz provides a firearm-cleaning product for the work bench or at the range.
Company Description: For over 31 years, Hatfield has been the leader in the work bench, lab bench and production furniture market.
Paul also turned out to be a master of the passive/aggressive put-down, wandering from work bench to work bench offering 'does that work?' '50-55 minutes, that's a long time' and 'cardboard?' The tradition for Bake Off sauciness was carried on by Bradley Wiggins lookalike Mat who, considering for how long to bake his batch of baguettes, decided "like my wife always says 'leave it in for an extra 10 minutes.' " But the last word went to Dame Mary who declared 'it looks half-baked, and it's rather wide and short.' Oh Mary, he's standing next to you!
A utility lobby provides access to a patio area with work bench and storage cupboards.
South Miami, FL, December 20, 2013 --( An innovative and considerably useful new product targeted at tradesmen and do-it-yourself enthusiasts everywhere, the Mike's Super Work Bench, has been developed by Charles O'Donnell of Easton, Maryland.
Ideally suited to those environments where dust generation is unavoidable, cannot be contained or collected at source, it is designed to be used in conjunction with a full width, standard height (900mm) work bench. The unit provides laminar air-flow across the operator, extracting airborne respirable dust particles towards the rear of the booth, away from the operator's breathing zone and operating with constant air flow, it prevents contamination of the surrounding area.
There is a low maintenance foregarden, a driveway, tandem garage, an attractive rear garden, an outside utility/cloakroom with Belfast sink and toilet, and a workshop with work bench.
A TODDLER had to be freed by firefighters then treated in hospital after his finger got stuck in his toy work bench.
Company has announced the availability of a new interchangeable fork attachment for The Mule, the all-in-one, lift, stacker, transporter and work bench. The stock forks are 18" long and have been designed to match the length of typical totes and tubs.
They also found a second smaller source inside a house--in a tin of nuts and bolts above a work bench. "It could have resulted in serious injuries, or even death, if someone had picked it up and put it in their pocket for a period of time," said team member and IAEA radiation source specialist Carolyn Mac Kenzie (CORRECT SPELLING GAP BETWEEN 'MAC' AND 'KENZIE').
Course tutor Bob Stalker arranged for a work bench to be made to accommodate Matthew's wheelchair and he also installed a support bar so Matthew could use a drilling machine.