work day

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: day - a day on which work is donework day - a day on which work is done    
weekday - any day except Sunday (and sometimes except Saturday)
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presented itself; and he forced himself to work day and night at Masonic labors, hoping to drive away the evil spirit that threatened him.
If you have a pooch you really don't like being separated from, you have the opportunity to take them into your place of work as Bring Your Dog to Work Day is a thing and happening very soon!
The analysis found that 70% of workers need changes in their work hours, especially regarding the beginning of the work day. Some workers of the Agency having children suggested later start of the work day, since kindergartens and school start working since 8.00 am and they can't be at their work places in time.
Linus Feldt, the company's CEO, told Fast Company: "The eight-hour work day is not as effective as one would think.
The Lockwood-based Mid Yorkshire Chamber of Commerce is encouraging local business people to take to two wheels on September 4 for Cycle to Work Day. The national event is championed by multigold medal winning Paralympic cyclist Dame Sarah Storey (pictured).
FIRMS across Wales have been challenged to engage in learning activities as part of NIACE Cymru's Learning at Work Day.
On April 5, the members of Parliament and employees of the the Administrative Department of the Parliament organized the work day at the garden to clean the territory of the Garden.
One of the simplest ways to begin is with Poetry at Work Day.
Dear Editor, On behalf of the Campaign for Learning, I would like to thank all the local organisations, workplaces and employees who took part in this year's Learning at Work Day.
Cleveland Police are backing National Motorcycling Week this week with a National Ride to Work Day on Wednesday.
The day is to mark Learning at Work Day, which forms part of national Adult Learners' Week.
The findings of a TUC survey have been issued to coincide with today's launch of Ban Bullying at Work Day.The TUC are calling on the Government to change the law to stop millions more workers falling victim to bullies