or work′hour`,

any of the hours of a day during which work is done.
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physicians to work-hour reforms during residency training is not associated with post-training differences in patient mortality, readmissions, or costs of care, according to a study published online July 11 in The BMJ.
Jena, M.D., Ph.D., from Harvard Medical School in Boston, and colleagues compared 30-day mortality, 30-day readmission, and inpatient Medicare Part B spending for patients treated by first-year internists fully exposed to 2003 work-hour reforms during their residency (completed residency after 2006) and for those treated by first-year internists with partial or no exposure to reforms (completed residency before 2006).
In "Underwork, work-hour insecurity, and a new approach to wage and hour regulation" (Industrial Relations, October 2015), authors Charlotte Alexander and Anna Haley-Lock juxtapose the workplace conditions the FLSA was designed to address with the challenges faced by hourly or low-wage workers in today's labor force.
Some unions, some private employers, and some states have attempted to address the problem of work-hour insecurity.
Therefore, health care facilities may be incentivized to use nurses on a voluntary overtime and/or on-call hour basis to manage variations in patient volume, if mandatory overtime and consecutive work-hour policies are enforced by states (Bae, Brewer, and Kovner 2012).
It would be informative to investigate whether, as compared with the independent effects of mandatory overtime and consecutive work-hour regulations, having both policies would have different implications on nurse work practices.
Third, if the PEPM demonstrates a less than satisfactory result, the project manager can track engineering productivity by discipline level given their relative importance by work-hour percentage of the entire project.
Work-hour distributions in the EPMS Discipline Hour Percentage Piping 45% Civil 20% Instrumentation 14% Electrical 11% Equipment 10% Note: Table made from bar graph.
When other arguments fail, the claim is made that resident work-hour reform is too costly, despite the reality that taxpayers already pay all costs of residency training many times over.
Finally, hospitals had concerns about the fiscal consequences of the work-hour limits.
If we want to break medicine's macho culture, we're going to have to get toughen In New Zealand, work-hour limits were ignored until the state imposed harsh financial penalties.
Working-Hours Arrangement Strategies: We present here the changes in organizational work-hours allocation such as the five-day-week system, the shift work system, flexible working hour systems (in Japan's case, the two monthly and yearly-based formula systems, and the weekly-based non-formula system), the flexi-time system, and the discretionary working system.