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work release

A correctional program under which prisoners may leave prison unescorted to work at outside employment.

work′-re·lease′ adj.


of or designating a program under which prisoners may work outside of prison while serving their sentences.
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Caldwell-Pope is allowed to leave the Seal Beach Police Department Detention Center for practice and Lakers games in California under a work-release program, but must wear a GPS monitor outside the facility.
She is now subject to electronic home monitoring, which means she has to wear the same ankle bracelet used by prisoners on work-release.
This latest round of Training to Work grants will fund coordinated case management, mentoring, education, training, and follow-up services to help those in work-release programs learn valuable skills, earn industry recognized credentials, and find meaningful work with local employers in growing industries.
The sheriff's inmate work-release crews are made up of nonviolent, non-sex offender individuals approaching the end of their sentence who have earned a place in the Community Service Program.
Scholars mainly from the US cover the history, debates, and legislation related to capital punishment and the death penalty; clemency; cruel and unusual punishment; due process, free speech, and religious rights of prisoners; early release; furlough and work-release programs; gangs and violence; health care, medical, and legal assistance; life sentence; mentally ill and mentally challenged inmates; preventive detention; labor; overcrowding; privatization and contract facilities; punishment vs.
Most would be eligible for alternative sanctions that would be less costly than incarceration, such as electronic monitoring or enrollment in drug treatment or work-release programs.
In fact, the only service options available--per a Pennsylvania Department of Corrections (DOC) contract with Gateway--were inpatient, which, other than detoxification, is our highest level of care, and work-release, which offers case management service but is not licensed or recognized as a level of care for addiction treatment.
Mayumi Heene could get 60 days, likely to be served in a work-release program, and probation.
After more than 20 years of advocacy by the American Civil Liberties Union, the Alabama Department of Corrections has ended a ban that prevented HIV-positive prisoners from participating in work-release programs.
Anyone who has been convicted of a low-level misdemeanor who has no history of violence is eligible to be released from custody if he or she agrees to participate in an EMP or some type of a work-release program.
Hawkins was serving a 90-day parole sanction as a work-release inmate at the residential halfway house for offenders next to the Lane County Jail.
The star began his 10-day jail term on July 1 with his final eight days set up as work-release.