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work study

A program administered by high schools and colleges that employs or secures employment for students so they can make money while matriculating.

work′-stud′y adj.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) an examination of ways of finding the most efficient method of doing a job, esp in terms of time and effort
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According to Marty de Leon, general manager of education agency Fortrust Education Services, Filipinos preferred to go to New Zealand for studies not only because of the quality of its eduction but also because of its work-study integration.
Changes to the University of Windsors work-study program aim at providing participants with opportunities to develop skills relevant to their careers.
Among the programs that the Trump administration wants to cut funding for in 2018 is the work-study program, a long-running and popular program that helps students pay for college.
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Hannah Zwick put herself through college by working as a fundraiser for her university under the federal work-study program.
Based on our assessment, we found that Federal Work-Study funding was being underutilized at Mason and that students who work to pay for college are more likely to work off-campus and are thus less likely to be engaged in enriching academic experiences.
2) Federal Work-Study and satisfactory academic progress requirements: The authors briefly describe two other innovations that could help improve access and completion, namely, retargeting and realigning Federal Work-Study and restructuring the notification of "satisfactory academic progress" (SAP) requirements in the Pell Grant program.
I then provide background on the Cristo Rey work-study model before turning to the methodology and findings of the study.
These and other regions in Massachusetts may want to take a closer look at yet another opportunity, one which utilizes federal work-study monies.
The complaint compares student-athletes to those students involved in work-study programs.
Answer: Veterans enrolled full-or 3/4-time and studying a Department of Veterans Affairs' (VA) accredited college degree program or in a professional or vocational program, can "earn while they learn" by participating in the VA Work-Study Allowance program.
It happens all the time," says Bell, who has held a work-study position at the studio since 2010.
The $9-an-hour wage he's paid is underwritten by the federal work-study program, which was launched in 1964 to support low-income students who would not otherwise be able to afford college.