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1. Capable of being put into effective operation; practicable or feasible: a workable compromise. See Synonyms at possible.
2. Capable of being worked, dealt with, or handled: workable clay.

work′a·bil′i·ty, work′a·ble·ness n.
work′a·bly adv.


(Tech, of material) → Bearbeitungsfähigkeit f
(Tech, of machine) → Betriebsfähigkeit f
(of a plan etc) → Durchführbarkeit f
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Technologists can use one of its mortar tests to compare the relative workability, workability retention, set time, strength, and air content of two or more combinations of cement, sand, admixture, and fly ash.
Others are the gradient, workability and wetness, and surveyor experience.
Under shear the weak lattice structure dissociates, resulting in lower viscosity and markedly improved mixing, pumping and workability.
Mrs ORourke said WorkAbility Queensland had been working with the local community to maximise employment opportunities as a result of the NDIS.
These inferior chargers' days may be numbered as USB Implementers Forum (USB-IF) is moving to certify USB chargers to guarantee their workability.
4 and in addition to that 1% super plasticizer is also added in the mix to improve the workability Concrete ingredients is mixed with a laboratory type concrete mixer machine was used.
The next four chapters consider the effect of mineral admixtures: on the hydration of portland cement, on the workability of fresh concrete, the properties of hardened concrete, and the durability of concrete.
Nitinol is a shape memory alloy with good electrical and mechanical properties, and Phos Bronze has cold workability for clutch springs, diaphragms, and contact springs.
The material features strength, workability, aesthetics, and low odor.
Further, the present invention provides a tire which enhances a workability in a plant and in which micro drain ditches exhibiting a water film-removing performance are surely formed.
The composite nature of the concrete comprises sand, aggregate, binder, water and admixtures, with admixtures playing a vital role in achieving the desired concrete mix offering enhanced strength, binding, flowability and workability characteristics.