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1. Capable of being put into effective operation; practicable or feasible: a workable compromise. See Synonyms at possible.
2. Capable of being worked, dealt with, or handled: workable clay.

work′a·bil′i·ty, work′a·ble·ness n.
work′a·bly adv.
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in a workable manner, so as to be workable
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He also sought workably and mutual collaboration between the various security agencies in Kebbi, Sokoto, Katsina and Zamfara states.
(47) More importantly, the standards set forth in those two cases are insufficiently precise to workably govern the broad range of issues raised by fact specific analyses of the many varied legislative practices.
Building further on the tripartite division of "education for democracy" presented earlier (Biesta, 2006), I identify and delineate basic "skills" that are essential for democratic practice that could workably be implemented in school.
They wait, with varying degrees of patience, for the system to work out how it intends to govern and meet its economic promises, while locked in its current impasse: An executive branch whose powers are curtailed by clerical and military institutions with often rival political and financial agendas; a theocratic republic that has never squared how it can workably be that, while imposing unsustainable rules on a society that is desperate to integrate with the rest of the world.
In short, the regulatory burdens of Subtitle C on agricultural operations would be workably avoidable.
As discussed further below, it also suggests that some narrow federal estoppel defense might workably be extended beyond criminal law to civil and administrative enforcement of punitive sanctions.
market, a market that was already workably competitive.
But what is then the point of addressing the "question of right" at the institutional level if we admit the possibility that the ideal system cannot be "effectively and workably maintained" (136)?
16% respondents were excellently free in sharing some private thing to doctor, 34% workably free, while 36% respondents were not so free in sharing private things to doctor.
Although these markets are not perfectly competitive, empirical studies indicate that markets with three firms are workably competitive, with most of the competitive benefit occurring with the entry of the second or third firm and minimal benefits resulting from entry in markets that already have three to five firms.
Therefore, even while retaining their core forms, subtle changes could be induced for making these spaces workably consistent.