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A form of welfare in which capable adults are required to perform work, often in public-service jobs, as a condition of receiving aid.


(Government, Politics & Diplomacy) a scheme under which the government of a country requires unemployed people to do community work or undergo job training in return for social-security payments
[C20: from work + (wel)fare]



a government plan under which employable welfare recipients are required to accept public-service jobs or participate in job training.
[1965–70; work + (wel) fare]
allocation conditionnelle
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The Workfare State: Public Assistance Politics from the New Deal to the New Democrats.
The federal government offers additional funding to states that pledge to provide job training or workfare slots for every person facing the food stamp time limit.
Project Description : The project consists of a (i) workfare program targeting households with pregnant women and children 0-2 years of age (0-5 in certain areas) who participate in community-based nutrition sensitization activities also financed through the project and (ii) activities to strengthen targeting of social interventions and the monitoring and evaluation of the nutrition and workfare activities.
UNION members staged a protest in Huddersfield against the Government's Workfare programme - accusing it of "hounding and demonising the poor".
In Workfare and Human Capital Investment: Evidence from India (NBER Working Paper No.
This edited volume by Chak Kwan Chan and Kinglun Ngok is about the adoption of workfare in the wake of the 1997 Asian financial crisis in seven East Asian polities, including China, Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Singapore.
SIR - Caerphilly council is to be congratulated for not only being one of the first local authorities in Wales to commit to paying all its staff the Living Wage, thus ensuring more people are lifted out of relying on subsidies, but also committing to not using people provided under the UK Government's Workfare scheme.
Yesterday, the Tories finally abandoned all pretence at chasing the youth vote - as David Cameron personally announced workfare for 18 to 21-year-olds.
As was made clear during the debate in the council chamber, workfare doesn't help people find work, as several studies have shown, sometimes even hindering the process.
Workfare policies have been substantially justified through appealing to the objective of advancing the interests of the people subject to the policies (workfare subjects), while simultaneously involving compulsion.
ALTHOUGH, generally, if I have the Christmas spirit, I will make a donation to the Salvation Army, it is with astonishment that I have recently learned that this organisation has become complicit in what I see as a deceit, and are party to the Government's workfare scheme.
Dave Pickup Unemployment falls That's because they are fiddling the figures by sending people on workfare, people being sent on training for jobs that don't exist, people taking part time work and people being given their pension early at 62 instead of 65.

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