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1. The flow or progress of work done by a company, industry, department, or person.
2. The rate at which such flow or progress takes place.


(Industrial Relations & HR Terms) a sequence of operations in a workplace



the flow or amount of work to and from an office, department, or employee.
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Noun1.workflow - progress (or rate of progress) in work being doneworkflow - progress (or rate of progress) in work being done
progress, advancement - gradual improvement or growth or development; "advancement of knowledge"; "great progress in the arts"
flux de travaux


[ˈwɜːkfləʊ] Nvolumen m de trabajo
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IT-Based Innovations in RIS Essential to Enabling Holistic Patient Workflow by Combining Imaging and Lab Diagnostics with Clinical IT Solutions
NASDAQ: TZIX) today announced that Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City (BCBSKC) is processing an average of 15 percent more claims per day since implementing TriZetto's Facets e2 Workflow software.
Opsware Orchestrator Includes iConclude Software to Automate Workflow Across the Data Center; Coordinates Activities Between Disparate IT Management Tools
Latest CNG-SAFE[TM] Document Management Platform Provides Comprehensive and Affordable Firm-Wide Transformation of Paper into Digital Workflow
Fiery System 8 Advances Precision Color, Consistent High Quality Output, VDP Capabilities, Provides Seamless Integration with EFI's Web-to-Print, Proofing, Workflow and Print MIS Solutions and Connectivity to All Popular Pre-Press Applications
Attendees to Experience the Entire Digital Production Workflow from Creation through Finishing and Distribution Using Canon Branded and Third-Party Solutions
Lastly, workflow solutions that leverage the imagePRESS technology platform will help to Simplify their processes and maximize profitability.
Demand Management Software Provider Unveils the Only Leading Service Catalog with ITIL([R])-licensed Workflows, Robust Workflow Engine
USA, has been named the 2006 Gold Winner of the North American Global Excellence in Business Process Management (BPM) and Workflow Award, acknowledging the positive impact on both clinical and business outcomes that TCCH has derived from its implementation of Soarian(R), Siemens Medical Solutions' workflow management solution for healthcare.
Developed to address the needs of today's enterprise users working with electronic forms and digital content, Version 6 of the iMarkup Server builds on the previous version and its ability to distribute, route, review and improve information flow throughout the eForm and document life cycle -- and enhances both the workflow and business process requirements of today's business user.
a leading developer of software solutions for the graphic arts and document management industries, today announces an upgrade to Apago Cluster Workflow.
Soarian's core differentiator is its unique-to-healthcare workflow engine that facilitates and tracks technology-driven "workflows" designed to help users increase efficiency, improve patient safety, and achieve desired clinical and financial outcomes - while supporting key quality and regulatory initiatives.

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