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One of these papers was as good as a circus, and nearly as good as a spree--certainly a most wonderful treat for a workingman, who was tired out and stupefied, and had never had any education, and whose work was one dull, sordid grind, day after day, and year after year, with never a sight of a green field nor an hour's entertainment, nor anything but liquor to stimulate his imagination.
He will be a workingman. This man you do not know; nor do we.
An hour ago, on East Thirty-ninth Street, a workingman was thrust through the heart with a knife.
"He should pay folks off properly," a thin workingman, with frowning brows and a straggly beard, was saying.
But to return to the earth, the workingman, being selfish, wants all he can get in the division.
Synopsis: "Between the World and Us: A Workingman's Response to "Between the World and Me" by Petar Divjak is a workingman's response to Ta-Nehisi Coates book "Between the World and Me" (Spiegel & Grau, 9780812993547, $24.00 HC, $12.99 Kindle, 176pp).
Sarah Louise Foster, 31, was drinking at a workingman's club when she got involved in an argument.
That is where mam no doubt began her trade, and as time moved on she worked at other pubs in Middlesbrough including the County, a well known watering hole in Newport Road, and also the Newport Workingman's club in old Newport after the war.
It has recently come to our attention that the feature article "Workingman's Slam" by Patrick Meitin (September 2008) should have been credited as an original idea by E.
135) Even the "Workingman's" insurgency was a short-lived success: Although it led to the construction of a new City Hall and streetcar line, the revolt crumbled amid the defection of many white workers back to the Democratic banner.
At times, Frances--dressed in gown, corset, and workingman's gloves and speaking in a measured, theatrical cadence about raising her sons--seems to exist firmly in the past.