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A woman who works for wages.


n, pl -women
(Sociology) a woman who works for a living


(ˈwɜr kɪŋˌwʊm ən)

n., pl. -wom•en.
1. a woman who earns a salary, wages, or other income through regular employment, usu. outside the home.
2. a woman employed in manual or industrial labor.
usage: See -woman.
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Like Bertrand Russell, Sidhwa supports the idea of workingwoman. But workingwoman has to face many social stigmas in Pakistan.
main issues related to labourers, social justice, workingwoman,
A workingwoman can easily juggle her career with raising children and taking care of various domestic chores whereas, men (may be not all) find it difficult to make a cup of tea after spending eight hours in the office.
It seems like a charmed life for a modern workingwoman, with all the glitz and glamour and other trappings of a career in fashion.
Yes, it makes a difference, for any woman let alone a workingwoman. Why should a chunk of a woman's salary go to a driver?
"I always enjoyed an evening stroll and hot soup in misty weather as it attracts me a lot, "Shazia, a workingwoman in I-8 Park said.
The private day-care centres provide maximum facilities to children, but they are too much expensive and women belonging to middle class cannot afford them, Rozina, a workingwoman, said.