workout suit

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Noun1.workout suit - garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirtworkout suit - garment consisting of sweat pants and a sweatshirt
garment - an article of clothing; "garments of the finest silk"
sweat pants, sweatpants - loose-fitting trousers with elastic cuffs; worn by athletes
sweatshirt - cotton knit pullover with long sleeves worn during athletic activity
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A contemporary Maenad, she wears a drive-men-mad skintight single strap Lady Tarzan workout suit. To her right is Rambo, sporting an automatic rifle and looking like he just busted into the place.
What I view as "exposing" my students to feminism, may be old hat, or just another smelly workout suit, to them.
No one who exercises would argue it doesn't require time, and many would agree a woman needs a bit more time to convert from the sweating figure in a workout suit to the polished professional in business attire.