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A table designed for a specific kind of task or activity, such as needlework or the graphic arts.


a. any table at which writing, sewing, or other work may be done
b. (in English cabinetwork) a small elegant table fitted with sewing accessories


(ˈwɜrkˌteɪ bəl)

a table for working at, often with drawers or receptacles for materials, tools, etc.
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Noun1.worktable - a table designed for a particular taskworktable - a table designed for a particular task
drafting table, drawing table - a worktable with adjustable top
table - a piece of furniture having a smooth flat top that is usually supported by one or more vertical legs; "it was a sturdy table"
work bench, workbench, bench - a strong worktable for a carpenter or mechanic


[ˈwɜːkˌteɪbl] Nmesa f de trabajo
References in classic literature ?
He pointed to a chair by the fire and went back to his worktable.
March glanced at Meg, who was looking very pretty in her gingham morning gown, with the little curls blowing about her forehead, and very womanly, as she sat sewing at her little worktable, full of tidy white rolls, so unconscious of the thought in her mother's mind as she sewed and sang, while her fingers flew and her thoughts were busied with girlish fancies as innocent and fresh as the pansies in her belt, that Mrs.
Rosamond was soon looking lovelier than ever at her worktable, enjoying drives in her father's phaeton and thinking it likely that she might be invited to Quallingham.
Contract notice: Ukb - ZOP conversion - worktable and cabinet systems
The image for Arkansas was that of, you guessed it, an animated smiling ark leaning over a worktable about to hack into a little rock with a saw.
Sovella's LMT is a light-duty motorized ergonomic multi-purpose worktable that can be equipped for a range of environments.
Among specific topics are calculating and analyzing the dynamic characteristic of a four-cylinder engine's crankshaft, a four-station translation and rotary worktable for special occasions, the punching method of multi-position progressive die with the feature unit as the step, the magnetic circuit optimization design and simulation analysis of an electromagnetic inertial actuator, and a wireless sensor network localization algorithm based on hop-count and distributed learning.
M2000-B and M3000B are entry-level models with manual loading, programmable Z-axis with 590 mm overall travel, spacious worktable, and electric lift door.
The basic "B-models" have a programmable Z- axis, a worktable and an electric lift door for quick and easy loading.
Now, along with four Systainer boxes, a worktable, compound miter saw, vacuum and step ladder complete my site kit.
A big, solid worktable that fits in a small parking space
Worktable moves 2 mm forward and backward after cut is complete and saw blade is retracting to ensure smooth finish.