world view

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ThesaurusAntonymsRelated WordsSynonymsLegend: view - a comprehensive view of the world and human life
perspective, view, position - a way of regarding situations or topics etc.; "consider what follows from the positivist view"
clockwork universe - the view that the universe resembles a clock built by God and ticking along according to Newtonian mechanics
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Given that satellites have the capacity to read license plates, World View's product may have implications for privacy and civil liberties.
Prior to joining World View, Hartman served as President and Chief Executive Officer of Insitu, a pioneer in the design, development and manufacturing of unmanned aircraft systems for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance in military and commercial applications.
The Goldwater Institute, which represents three taxpayers, still has the right to pursue a separate claim that the other part of the deal -- constructing a headquarters and launching paid for World View -- violated the "gift clause'' of the Arizona Constitution.
Critique: Thoughtful and thought-provoking, inspired and inspiring, "World View: Seeking Grace and Truth in Our Common Life" is an inherently engaging and rewarding read from cover to cover.
Critique: Charlie Laderman (Lecturer in International History, King's College London) and Brendan Sims (Professor in the History of European International Relations, University of Cambridge) present Donald Trump: The Making of a World View, a scholarly work that lives up to its title.
The space enterprise, meanwhile, lauded the project, which benefits both World View and KFC.
Presenting this compartmentalised de-contextualised body of Western knowledge to learners with a different world view scheme invites failure for both the learner and the teacher (Jones et al., 1995, p.
What role do our "allies" in Saudi Arabia and Qatar have in sponsoring these hate-filled world views? For sure, these people do not represent the vast majority of Muslims.
Underlying the drama and science fiction (hidden or concealed, if you will) are two quite different world views, world views that have been in competition throughout the ages.
A luxurious and comfortable capsule is designed to carry six voyagers and two crew members, which will be lifted by the balloon up to a height of 100,000 feet, according to the ( World View website.
23 ( ANI ): Arizona's World View Company is developing a space capsule, which will be propelled into the sky by giant helium balloons, for 75 thousand dollars price tag.

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